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Jacob Kabel Rock Solid Sword Techniques Series Titles
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Trained by World Champions Mr. Mike Chat and Mr. John Nania, he has an intensely determined spirit and at the age of fifteen, a love for the Martial Arts which is reflected in this very informative and motivating training series. Four titles to choose from.

Volume 1: Basic Forearm and wrist stretches, safety and sword history, eight basic cuts, stabbing, eight positions, blocks, conditioning, knee slide and more. Approx. 42 min. #189294D

Volume 2: Intermediate Teaching how to draw and sheath a sword, four chiburi, reverse grip cuts and stabbing, how to role the sword through fingers, some manipulations and spins. Approx. 42 min. #189295D

Volume 3: Advanced Wrist rolls, advanced figure eights, Boyd chiburi, single and double releases, matrix cut, a couple awesome combos and much much more. Approx. 42 min. #189296D

Volume 4: Competition Sword In the form there will be some crazy combinations, like to do a wrist roll bounce release into a 720 to 540 kick cut while kicking, how to pass the sword under the leg while doing a tornado kick, how to use cuts to setup for trick moves, how to hold the sword when tricking, how to use the sword case and the sword at the same time and a whole lot more. Approx. 42 min. #189297D

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