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Fierce Fighting No Holds Barred with Kimo Series Titles
This item has been discontinued.

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Item Number : KIMOD
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Twelve titles to choose from.

Volume 1: Warrior Workout and Conditioning Routine Approx. 73 min. #KIMOD-001
Volume 2: Destructive Strikes and Clinching Techniques Approx. 73 min. #KIMOD-002
Volume 3: Destructive Takedowns, Sweeps, Throws Approx. 53 min. #KIMOD-003
Volume 4: Destructive Elbow and Shoulder Locks Approx. 47 min. #KIMOD-004
Volume 5: Destructive Foot, Leg and Ankle Locks Approx. 33 min. #KIMOD-005
Volume 6: Destructive Chokes Approx. 47 min. #KIMOD-006
Volume 7: Groundfighting from the Mount (Top Position) Approx. 30 min. #KIMOD-007
Volume 8: Groundfighting from the Guard (Bottom Position) Approx. 38 min. #KIMOD-008
Volume 9: Groundfighting Combinations Approx. 32 min. #KIMOD-009
Volume 10: Sparring, Drills and Ring Strategy Approx. 30 min. #KIMOD-010
Volume 11: Street Combat Self Defense Volume 1 Approx. 53 min. #KIMOD-011
Volume 12: Street Combat Self Defense Volume 2 Approx. 81 min. #KIMOD-012

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