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Shihan Nishiuchi's Advanced Traditional Sword Series Titles
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Nishiuchi was born in Kochi City, Japan, the Mecca of Muso Jikiden Eishin Iai Heiho (renowned Samurai swordsmanship). He holds a certified Chuden degree from the ninteenth successor, Hanshi Sawada of Hasegawa Eishin Ryu Iai do. Four volume titles to choose from.

Volume 1: Primary Movements and Cuts Sword primary movement with a variety of sitting postures and eight principal cuts. The important moves of Han Za Han Mi, Dai and Sho are also included. Approx. 69 min. #MIKIO2D-001
Volume 2: Iai Do Volume Sho den The first of the five levels of Iai do (Samurai Swords practice). After learning this level you could be qualified to earn the beginning rank in Iai do. Approx. 63 min. #MIKIO2D-002
Volume 3: Chu Den This partner practice is the second set of seven. Approx. 57 min. #MIKIO2D-003
Volume 4: Oku Den This is the third level (last set of self practice forms) Oku den. There are two parts: Iai hiza (sitting with sword in the belt) and standing up. Approx. 50 min. #MIKIO2D-004

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